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Senior Software Engineer • Data Analyst • Technical Manager

Experienced Solutions Developer well-versed in multiple n-tier technologies with a track record of repeated success. Flexible attitude suited for both team-oriented and independent situations in highly structured and/or dynamic environments. Leader capable of managing technical and business challenges. Core competencies include:


  • Web-Internet-Network Infrastructure
  • N-Tier Distributed Systems
  • ETL & Data Integration
  • Real-time Embedded Avionics

  • Java, C, C++
  • Perl, PowerShell, Unix Scripts
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript
  • XML
  • SQL Server, MySQL, DB2
  • Ada, Pascal, Delphi
  • FORTRAN, Jovial
  • Assembly
Project Management

  • Requirements Definition
  • Task Sizing
  • Schedule Management
  • Budget Oversight
  • Solution Documentation
Business Management

  • Staff Recruiting
  • Team Management
  • Market Research
  • Client Communications


  • Concur (via acquisition of TRX, Inc), Atlanta, GA, June 2010 - Present

    Senior Programmer/Analyst - Traveltrax, Data Integration/ETL & Reporting Solutions

    Responsible for end-client and data supplier interaction, primary requirements definition, system design & implementation, task delegation, and production support of various commercial travel and financial data management and reporting systems. The solutions are provided as custom enterprise-level Software-As-A-Service offerings for multi-national clients (North America, EMEA, APAC). Specific contributions include:

      • System architecture, development, integration and support of Traveltrax solution for both web- and desktop-based (Windows) reporting.
      • Additional script development (Perl, VBScript, DOS/PowerShell, Unix Shell) in support of process and report customizations related to core solution as well as production support functions.
      • Evaluation and integration of multiple travel and financial industry data formats (Amadeus, American Express TVL300, CWT Prism, Mastercard CDF, Visa GTA, et al.) for mid- and back-office systems.
      • Database architecture, development and operation involving standard SQL queries as well as stored procedures in SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2 environments.
      • Integration of third-party, open-source components for system security.
      • Client relationship development as business area Subject Matter Expert.
      • Technical mentor for junior and remote employees.

    All systems involve real-time data processing in a 24x7 single-redundancy environment. Most work performed in a virtual capacity from home location in NY.

  • ENSCO, Inc, Endicott, NY, 1992 - May 2010

    Senior Software Engineer & Technical Manager - Key contributor to multiple software engineering & integration services engagements with external clients. Work performed both on-site and in virtual/telecommuting environments.

    • Oct 2004 - May 2010: TRX, Inc - ETL & Data Integration Solutions

      See above. Previously worked for TRX, Inc. under contract through ENSCO, Inc. Converted to direct hire in June 2010. Additional prior work included:

      • High level design/architecture and implementation of dynamically configurable travel and financial data integration solution. Utilizing a custom Perl-MySQL-DB2 engine, the solution processed various heterogeneous data supplies and established interrelationships between them in support of more comprehensive reporting based on the aggregated dataset. The principal end-clients are corporate travel program managers and accounting groups (e.g., Carlson Wagonlit Travel). Led a team of 3 developers.
      • Task technical leadership of Citi Lodged Enhanced, a prototype travel/financial data matching engine for an international credit card/issuing bank. Led a team of 2-6 developers.

    • Oct 2005 - May 2006: FAST Data Search Deployment

      Senior software engineer responsible for integration and customization of FAST's enterprise search technologies for various media-based companies (TV Guide, The Financial Times, et al.). Additionally represented FAST as technical project manager for these efforts and represented ENSCO as business area liaison. This activity was performed concurrently with the prior ETL task.

    • Oct 2002 - Oct 2004: IBM eServer Firmware Development

      Senior developer involved in the design and implementation of various application software components related to IBM's eServer hardware/firmware products. Tasks included:

      • Conversion of various zSeries Hardware Management Console (HMC) and Support Element (SE) functions from OS/2-based C and C++ code to Java running on MCP Linux (IBM's version of SUSE Linux). Principal functions included optical network problem analysis routines, E4 security log display, and various file operation routines. Used aspects of Java's Swing, Native Bridge, RMI, Network and I/O libraries.
      • Enhancement of the general HMC Problem Analysis Framework to support distributed operations in environments where multiple HMCs may be redundantly monitoring server firmware. This was done primarily in support of the i5 and p5 servers.
      • Conversion of flat file based system configuration utilities to XML-based parsers. Utilized Apache SAX/DOM parsers.
      • Development of stand alone system log displayer for zSeries HMC (Java/Swing running on Linux).

    • Oct 1996 - May 2002: IBM Network Software Development

      Senior developer involved in the design and implementation of various network server and middleware systems for IBM's Unix-based zSeries enterprise server and Windows NT. Tasks included:

      • Implementation of Java-based application plug-in to configure LDAP servers on z/OS as part of the zSeries "mSys for Setup" application.
      • Re-design/development of z/OS Firewall Technologies configuration GUI removing external GUI toolkit dependencies and utilizing Java 1.3.
      • Design and development of various multicast-based Service Location Protocol daemons in support of Novell Directory Services.
      • Framework design and implementation of the Software Cryptographic Toolkit involving DES, RSA, MD5, SHA, and other algorithms.
      • Front-end configuration and TCP/IP layer code for the OS/390 Firewall Technologies task (IPSec Filters, VPN, NAT).
      • Upgrades to DCE Remote Procedure Call (RPC) code.

      All tasks involved extensive TCP/IP client/server development using C/C++/Java in Unix environments. Java client work also performed for Windows platforms (various) and AIX using Swing and component-based GUI builder toolkits. Familiar with the role of the W3C, IETF and RFCs in Internet development. Developed algorithms that received a US Patent (# 6,347,376 - "Security rule database searching in a network security environment").

    • Oct 1996 - Oct 2004: Group Manager

      First line manager of ENSCO staff in several development, test and documentation groups at IBM's Endicott, NY facility (eServer, Test Design Automation, et al). Responsible for personnel management, customer interface, finance, and staffing. Also contributing member to various ENSCO management groups including a division technical council, university relations, and business strategy development. This role was performed concurrently with technical activity noted previously.

    • Apr 1995 - Feb 1997: Lockheed Martin Control Systems - Avionics Solutions

      Project/technical lead for multiple concurrent unit-level software test efforts including the A10, C17 and V22 flight control systems (prime software developed by Lockheed Martin Control Systems - Johnson City, NY). Responsible for the ENSCO - LMCS customer interface, technical schedules, task delegation, training, and budget tracking. The flight control systems were written in 1750A Assembly and Jovial in a VAX environment. The test procedures were written either manually (with an Assembly or FORTRAN interface) or automated through C-Simulation. The C-Simulation process involved independently re-coding the unit under test in an ANSI C-based test shell and utilizing a test driver to generate the necessary test cases. Additional work was done on various test support tools (C, Pascal in a VAX environment).

    • Nov 1992 - Apr 1995, Jun 2002 - Jan 2003: Lockheed Martin Control Systems

      Software engineer assigned to a variety of avionics projects at LMCS (then also known as Generic Electric Aircraft Controls, now known as BAE Systems - Platform Solutions). Tasks included:

      • Design, development, and unit test of on-board ground support/test equipment interface software for C17 RAFCS. The C-based real-time system was built on a Motorola MPC555 processor utilizing 1553 and RS-232 communication interfaces.
      • Design and implementation of a fixed-point math processor for an auto-coding system. The processor was written in Ada and designed to parse the mathematical component of the BEACON pseudo-language and convert it into either Ada or ANSI C.
      • Analysis, software development and systems integration of CFM and CF6 engine control designs into FAA approved code (written in ECL, a 680x0 Assembly derivative).
      • Development of multiple support tools utilizing a variety of languages (C, Pascal).
      • Unit level testing/validation of various engine and flight control modules (BEACON autocode and ECL).
      • Authored manual and C-Simulation test procedures.


  • President, Coach - Youth Soccer - Johnson City Soccer Association, 2008 - Present

    Also responsible for association website (

  • Board Member, Coach - Youth Baseball - Town of Union and Village of Johnson City leagues, 2009 - Present

  • Leader, Committee Member - Boys Scouts - JC Pack 100 & JC Troop 110, 2011 - Present.

    Also serving as Pack Webmaster (

  • Trustee - Tabernacle United Methodist Church, 2006 - 2009

  • Freelance Role-playing Game Author, 1991 - 1994

    Publications include World of Indiana Jones, Tokyo Citybook, Terra Sourcebook, and several others.


Master of Science, Computer Science (2001)


Bachelor of Science, Mathematics-Computer Science (1992)


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